Okay, my family has deduced that the cause of my previously discussed (and notably still present) stomach pains is in something we ate during Thanksgiving.  Apparently, some of my family have been feeling the same symptoms that I have, and let me tell you it is no fun.  We are thinking the culprit lies in a Baker’s Square pie…  We are still checking amongst the rest of our relatives to see what they ate that day, how much they ate, and symptoms.  

GRRRR!!! Time to flame Baker’s Square

Sazza Frazza Razzin Frazzer!


Since everyone is on a definition spree, (and since I need a break from work, as I am doing overtime AGAIN!), I have a few to add to the Xangictionary, currently being compiled:

Xangoo – 1.  an verbal expression of appreciation and gratitude, commonly used by xangans and xanganites alike.  2.  Successful internet company in the land of Xanga.  (ie  “Do you uhh… Xangoo?”)

Xanganese – 1.  of or related to the culture of Xanga.  2.  the language that the people of Xanga speak.

Xangar – the root verb of Xanga.  C onjugations are “Xango, Xangas, Xanga, Xangamos, (Xangais), Xangan”   Also see Blogar

Xangasterone – substance that flows within male Xangans when in the act of Xangar.  Known to be addictive, causing massive procrastination and inability to manage free time.  See also Xangagen (females)

Xangal rage – syndrome caused when overcome by the primitive desires of Xangans.  Due to excess or imbalance of Xastasterone or Xangagen in the system.  Symptoms include fits of Xanging, commenting, and profuse awarding of eProps.

More to add later…


hmm.. how’d the day go?  i got off at 7pm.  no one was there when i left… no one in my department, anyway.  strange feeling.  once the last of my coworkers left, i didn’t feel like working.  the motivation disappeared.  perhaps it was because i didn’t eat since 12pm.  hmmph.

well my stomach still hurts for some reason.  been like this for 3-4 days now.  i know this is not common, cuz if it was because of something i ate, it would have gone away by now.  i wonder what’s causing it?  did i catch a lil bug or is this something more like an organ issue or an ulcer or my apendix or some crap?  hopefully it goes away soon, cuz i sure as hell ain’t covered medically at the moment.  at least wait till jan 1st for things to go wrong.  at least i’ll be covered then.

GAH!  already 11?  i better sleep soon.  kayla got the right idea.  she’s already knocked out.  wish i could get 15-16 hours like she does.  =P


well there isn’t much to talk about today. even though a little over half of my work day has gone by, not much transpires here at my little desk/cubicle. all day its printing, clicking, hole punching, stamping, and data entry. oh and don’t forget about wasting away time web-browsing while this stupid program of ours loads. over here they say it’s called “gallagher millenium” because it takes a millenium to load. but waiting for that upgrade to a new program which will SUPPOSEDLY be better. we shall see…

i guess i will talk about whatever comes to mind… i picked up a few albums recently: k-ci and jojo – emotional, dru hill – dru world order, and 2pac – better dayz. from what i’ve heard so far (haven’t really listened to an entire album yet), my fave is k-ci and jojo’s. their title cut is off the hook. i recommend it to you r&b fans. as for dru hill, there’s something about their new sound. they have five members now. the new one’s named “Scola.” LOL. those from PUNI will see a resemblance. but anyway, its strange. they don’t sound very “dru hill” anymore… harmony-wise, that is. sure their solos are still the same. u could still pick out each voice, but its like they’re not the same. it’s strange… if you guys listen to it, you will understand. as for 2pac, same ol same ol. its an okay album. the cuts on it are decent. nothing phenomenal. new stuff, a few remixes of the same new stuff, and some stuff you might have heard on the radio or underground before.

also picked up metroid yesterday for the gamecube. didn’t get much of a chance to play it yet, cuz it was late when i got it. plus i had to pick up lilo & stitch for my gurl and my lil gurl. not a bad movie. anyway, i’m still skeptical about how metroid will be for me. i know the reviews have been nothing but praise, but its strange to me for the switch to a FPS rather than the side scrolling action that i’m used to. we’ll see how it turns out though.

so… the holiday season is upon us. hmmm… what to buy, what to buy? definitely i need a lil gift for myself for all the overtime i’m gonna be putting in. so many deadlines coming up since its the end of the year that we absolutely have to complete everything we get from now til year’s end. uggh. this is gonna b so stressful.

well… back to work. LOL!