Been a while…. but as Vic has proven, you cannot escape. Don’t know what to talk about really…

Kayla started cereal (for babies of course). It kinda resembles some sort of oatmeal, yet not really. Not as thick. From what I heard, she likes it, but she gets impatient with it, as she isn’t used to such a slow method of feeding. Usually she has all she wants, when she wants it (bottle). Looks like this is something she has to get used to.

Work has been going okay. A little stressful for a while, cuz my co-worker was on vacation from the 26th to the 6th. She just got back yesterday, and it helps ease the load off of my back.

Benefits took effect this month. So now I’m actually covered, which I haven’t been since 20? 21? I forget when I lost my medical… at least now if I get really jacked up in some freak accident, it wont cost me an arm and a leg to fix well… my arms and my legs.

49ers are funny. What a comeback, and what DUMB LUCK. If you watched the game, you will already know what I am speaking of.

Thought about relationships yesterday. My co-worker, on the day she comes back to work, is breaking up with her “baby’s daddy” after 6 years. I don’t know if she went through with it, as she was supposed to handle it last night, but geez… SIX years? AND A KID TOGETHER??? That is some messed up ish right there. Looks like its the guy’s fault too… played on her continually with some “fat and ugly chick” (in her words). This is the kinda crap that scares me… wasting that much time of my life over something that you would think was going to last forever. Insecurity, you know?

But then I don’t know how their relationship was (still is?)… So its hard to really say anything… Maybe it was doomed since some catastrophic event. Maybe they weren’t at the same level… seeing eye to eye… in it for different reasons. Who knows? Hell, maybe one was only in it cuz they felt they had to be in it (because of the child together). Every relationship is different.

I’m glad mine is doing well. Maybe better than ever, even. I know I cannot determine the future, but you can’t let your doubts and fears get in the way. No need to get depressed or upset over something that hasn’t happened.

I can say I’m truly happy with BOTH my gurls. The little one, and the littler one. They both make me happy and have changed my life dramatically.

Childhood hobbies sure have changed. I spoke with Vic not too long ago about our past hobbies (sports card collecting, action figures, sports, video games, bowling, going to the Arcade, playing in American Canyon creek getting my BK’s stuck in the mud while trying to fling slates of ice, etc). Hobbies have changed greatly. I know when I was young, it was baseball cards, toys, video games, and comics to an extent. I browsed my brother’s comics, such as Thor, XMEN, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Superman, etc. Even newspaper comics took my interest, like Calvin and Hobbes, Far Side, Bizarro, Garfield, and Peanuts.

Nowadays, it seems that certain things are dying out. They are losing the battle to gain the attention of youth these days. Toys are still, and will always do well. Sports cards I feel are going down in popularity. Comics I also see dying out. Only the older generation is keeping this alive. What are they losing to, you may ask? VIDEO GAMES.

The market for video games is so huge. (Hell, I play them too). They make video games about near everything: TV shows, board games, books, movies, comics, movies about comics, toys, music, and the list goes on. There’s even a game for Mary Kate and Ashley. Ughh…

In my youth, I’ve played many of the games of the time. Atari 2600, 5200, Sega Master System, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Turbo Grafix 16, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Arcades, Virtual Reality Systems (Battletech/Mechwarrior @ some place in Concord), Tiger Handhelds, the Original Gameboy and Game Gear, Apple IIc/IIe, PC, PSone, Neo Geo, Dreamcast, PS2, the Nintendo Gamecube and Microsoft’s Xbox have all crossed my path to this day. Just look at the list, and you can see how successful the market is.

Even arcades are dying out. Console systems are so high tech, people don’t have to leave the comfort of their own homes to play like the arcades anymore.

Its so strange seeing the toys my neices and other kids have today. Compared to the toys and hobbies of our youth, things are so different… Kids these days probably don’t have any appreciation for the things we had.

“In my day, we didn’t have no video games or computers or the web.  We played with sticks and rocks!”

Well… maybe not.


Hmm… been about a week since I hit it up, so what can I possibly talk about? I suppose I could talk about the “weak” I’ve been having. Kayla was sick since my last post. Had a fever of 101.3 and had it for a good couple of days, and had an eye infection that showed up (which turned out to not be as bad as expected). After a couple of days of ointment, it got better (but I still wonder if we should’ve put it on the whole 7 days like they advised us to… because we’ve kinda stopped already). She wasn’t sleeping well, was really fussy, and it took us a while to tell what was wrong with her. The “rashes” that we thought were rashes were really not rashes at all. Turns out baby’s skins are very temperature sensitive. If its cold, her skin breaks out like that. Quite strange… so now we bundle her up REAL good.

While she was sick, we were at UC. They had DDR over there… no, not Double Data Rate, you computer geek! Dance Dance Revolution! They only had one dance pad, so we had to take turns. Man that game is HARD and FRUSTRATING AS HELL. Beginner mode is pretty easy… but when you go to work out mode and the one above that (whatever it is), I was like WTF IS GOING ON!?!?!? It’s really a matter of knowing the directions and combinations that show up on the screen, as well as knowing which foot you’re going to step with. Otherwise, the game fun for pretty much all (except if you’re really uncoordinated and/or extremely out of shape).

Last pay check of the year… direct deposit finally went through, so I don’t gotta go to the bank all the time. Had a lil scare with benefits not being effective next year, but it turns out everything is going to be fine. Don’t know about the dentist part though…. I may have left the form incomplete. I’m not sure what areas I marked (or didn’t).

Work computers finally got upgraded (from NT4 to 2000). Runs pretty smoothly, but man is it eating up RAM like a mofo. I think I should probably request more, as I multitask on my workstation so much…. Outlook, Excel, IE (about 6+ instances at a time), two loan programs, and Counter-Strike… oh…. wait a minute… that last one can’t be right!

Shopping, shopping, shopping… that’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple of days. I think so far I’ve spent about $200+ (some of it for myself, however). I got about another $100+ that I need to spend on other things, so my shopping season is NOT over. I sure as hell am NOT going shopping on the weekend though… too hectic for me!

Invested in some heroclix… my first pack was pretty good. Veteran Dr. Doom and veteran Invisible Woman being the highlights of that pack. So I decided to buy a second pack… and it SUCKED. ALL OF IT. No one over 100 points. I got the Blob, Logan, and the Invisible “GIRL.” Apparently GIRL < WOMAN. Maybe I should get a pack from the infinity challenge or whatever… just so I spread the variety in my figures. Will probably buy more and maybe a starter so I could play with my brothers and we could all play it sometime… I still gotta try out Jedi Duels with my family. I’m sure they would like it.

Funny thing this morning… I woke up late, but have NO RECOLLECTION of hitting snooze or turning off my alarm clock, and I KNOW that I set it last night. What happened?

Xanga word of the day:
  n.   Death and decay of the mind, caused by insufficient supply of Xanga, usually following periods of Xangstinence .

you know… looking back on Xangrene, maybe I should’ve made it where you’re getting TOO MUCH Xanga.  That sounds about right…