Spread too Thin

While sitting around staring at my disconnected Intuos, I couldn’t help but notice something. With most things that I do, I’m somewhat like spreading jam on bread. It’s hard to get an even spread, and the chunks of jam often clump up in spots. I have several interests and hobbies, and I guess I could relate to the saying “jack of all trades, master of none.” For example, I think I do pretty well as a tech guy. I have a fairly broad knowledge of things hardware and software, but I can’t say that excel at any one aspect of it. I suppose I’m okay as an artist, but I got a long way to go considering my lack of artistic foundation. I suppose I have some capacity for singing and music (used to sing in choir, an r&b group, play some guitar and dabbling in bass) but I’m not all that. Definitely not recording material and not a stranger to haters on YouTube lol.

In most aspects of my life, I Continue reading “Spread too Thin”


Wow, it’s been a long time since my last post. Sorry to leave any readers I had hanging for so long. I’ve been around and just now realized something I overlooked. Comments were disabled on several of my most recent posts. I have no idea how many hits I was even getting because of this and my readers couldn’t even leave any feedback and critique. Pretty much sucks cuz the last posts were already around a year old.

Sorry that I’ve neglected you, Ritsu and Mugi. You’re both long overdue for your Death Devil drawings. Sorry Yui/LiSA for not covering “Ichiban no Takaramono” like I was supposed to. I just hate barring that first fret on the guitar I have. Sounds so muffled :/

There’s been a lot going on with me personally in the last year and let’s just say there’s been some life-changing events. My current situation has impacted my creative productiveness quite a bit. I put down fansubbing for the time being and haven’t really worked on anything for quite some time. I’ve pretty much been wallowing in a mixture of searching job boards and video gaming as an escape from my reality.

There should be things coming on the horizon. I’ll probably post the missing works I put up on dA as well as a potential music cover from something more recent. I’m targeting The Usagi Drop ED right now and already have the chords for it. Quite an enjoyable song to sing as well.

As for art, I don’t know… I might have to start from scratch on the Ritsu I was working on. With such a long gap between the last time I worked on it, I probably won’t have any recollection of the concept I had in mind. I actually had the idea of trying to dabble in doing some webcomics, kinda like the 4 koma style. Had a few concepts in mind but regarding the one I really want to do, let’s just say the references are hard to come by as they all reside in this shoddy memory of mine.

Well, I’m posting this from my phone and the battery is dying so I better publish this for now. More posts incoming once I get to my desktop.


Well, just a personal update really. Lots of changes ahead. Trying to get back to work. Trying to revamp the website with some new CSS to match a new logo. Got a new Wacom tablet to play with but gotta figure out how to use it. Been lingering in the city lately too. Mornings are a lot colder than I’m used to here, but it’s nice because I actually prefer the cold.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to do some covers, but being the perfectionist I am makes it hard for me to push something when I make the smallest mistakes.

Off to run, then back for some coding and job hunting.