Taxpayer Dollars Put to Work

Source – ABCNews

Needless to say, quite an outrage when you consider the current state of the economy. How much more money can be wasted away by the government instead of put to good use? So officials are telling us we’re in a recession because of this and that, but what they fail to mention is all the other reasons why we are where we are today…

Rumble Fumble

Source – NewsOK

I still can’t get enough of this video. Goes from playing the drums, first failed dunk, to popandlocking, and onto another failed dunk. It’s amusing how they try to hype up the ladder back flip dunk with “Carmina Burana” only to miss in the end.

Another day, another blog

More random stories as usual:

Stimulus Monkey – NY Post ( 1 )

I really don’t understand the humor in this one, and all it seems to have stirred up was the race police. Out comes Al Sharpton to the rescue.

What do you know, he happens to be the same cartoonist of the Jessica Simpson cartoon that was floating around after her little wardrobe incident led to discussions on her weight.

Airport Crisis – YouTube ( 1 )

All I can say is “wow.” I know missing a flight sucks, but come on now… Take a chill pill.

Sexting – CBS News ( 1 )

Not really feeling the term that was coined up for “sending nude pictures via text message” but it is disturbing. Somewhat amusing also is the fact that they’re getting charged for felonies for possession of child pornography, even if it’s a picture of themselves. How about that?

more randomness

Spiritual SalsaFox12

It first started with grilled cheese, correct?  Wonder if she’s gonna auction off her cabinet door for some cash.  I think just as long as her image isn’t associated with anything in the restroom, it’ll be all good (although the scent of roses would most certainly be welcome in there, I’m sure.)

Rhodium Ring – (Associated Press – 1 | Daily Mail – 2)

bling bling
bling bling

Good lord, what a ring. Though proven to be an inaccurate story, if he got the money to throw around, why not? First time I ever heard of rhodium, though… Maybe I’ll get one for the wifey when they come out with an adamantium version. SNIKT!

Degeneration XAssociated Press

Yes, somewhat of a reference to WWF/WWE but I think the designation actually applies to our generation in several aspects. The decline of morality is apparent when comparing today with the way things were in the old days on many issues. I wonder if the increase in cheating is due partially to accessibility. With technology, it’s fairly easy to have notes in several more places than was previously possible (cell phones w/ cameras, graphing calculators, PDAs, etc). As for the increase in theft, I suppose it can only get worse, especially if our economy makes a drastic downturn.

I can’t say that I’m surprised about the figures, though. In terms of them being satisfied with their ethics/character, it’s all relative. You wont be as bad as people in the bad crowd, and especially not the “badder” crowd. Oh, and you’ll definitely never be as bad as those portrayed (or perhaps even glorified) in the media now, will you?