Morbid Curiousity – “Flowers of Evil”

akunohanaModern society has this peculiar fascination with peering into other peoples lives. Tabloids, gossip sites, and reality television seem to have this power to draw in countless curious viewers and readers. Many are interested in finding out about the latest scandal or breakup occurring in your typical celebrity’s life. Despite the real pain and anguish these public figures have to cope with, people have no shame in eating it up. Even the nightly news contributes in some degree to this in their excessive coverage of the hottest stories on the latest tragedy or natural disaster.

There is indeed a strange fascination that can be found in viewing the downfall of others. You might feel a sense of sympathy as you try to relate with the pain of the victim. You might get a sense of relief as you find comfort knowing that you’re not in that same situation. You may even feel some form of elitism as you judge the victim for falling into that situation, perhaps even pridefully proposing that you wouldn’t fail if it were you in the same scenario. Continue reading “Morbid Curiousity – “Flowers of Evil””

J-Rock – My Ever Evolving Music Tastes

As a consumer of anime and various other facets of Japanese media, I’ve opened up a small window which allows me to peer into the music scene over there. The view I have of it is relatively small as my exposure has mostly been through hearing various OPs and EDs (opening and ending themes) for the shows that I’ve watched. Most of the music usually emanating from this outlet is in some form of J-Pop (Japanese Pop), but I’ve had the opportunity to hear quite a few J-Rock (Japanese Rock) bands this way as well. I would probably say that the first anime J-Rock song that caught my attention was “Konya wa Hurricane” for Bubblegum Crisis, which I watched sometime in the early 90’s. The soundtrack for the show was solid, with several powerful 80’s styled rock songs and ballads. It was one of the first anime soundtracks that I ever got a hold of and listened to quite often. I even went as far as learning some the lyrics on my own, romanizing it by ear with no knowledge of the language.

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“flipocrisy presents Anime-niacs” (or “just another anime post”)

reference: Animaniacs –LINK (Hmm, I have absolutely no recollection of this having that lengthier title. This image started as a simple MS Paint work, but I just had to throw in the eyes.)

I know that there are several great and entertaining television shows out there in TV land. I’ve followed my share of television series in the not so distant past, and I know there are a ton of shows just out there waiting for consumption. I did catch a few recently like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. I know they’re good and I hear nothing but praise about them through overheard conversations. However, for some reason, I just can’t seem to find the time of day to sit myself down in front of the TV to watch them. Even in this day and age of DVR, On Demand, and Hulu, I STILL can’t get myself to sit and watch them. I don’t quite understand what holds me back from doing so. I do have free time, but I just don’t really spend it in that way. Nor do I feel any inclination to do so.

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“Altair” – Hata Motohiro (cover by flipocrisy)

If my fingers weren’t hurting so much, I’d probably be playing and recording takes for that “Ichiban” cover, but instead I decided to sing. This was a song I wanted to cover when the series originally aired, but I was super out of practice at the time. Getting in choir helped a little, but I’m definitely not to where I was vocally back in the day.

Lyrics here: LINK

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Going May’n Stream

When I first watched Macross Frontier, I immediately fell in love with the musical aspect of the show. How could I not with Yoko Kanno in charge of the music? I felt that the two vocalists chosen for two of the main characters in the show were perfect fits. Mamegu (Megumi Nakajima), who was Ranka’s voice, had quite an appeal. Not to mention that she pretty much is Ranka IRL, especially when you see her perform “Seikan Hikou” live. With her cute and bright voice, her renditions of “Ai Oboete Imasuka” and “Watashi no Kare wa Pilot” were fitting tributes to Lynn Minmay, the first galactic diva. “Aimo” was also a great song for the show, and it kinda reminded me a little of “Voices” from Macross Plus.

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Instant Gratification / Being a Christian Otaku… or rather Otaku Christian?


Quite a pairing of words.  Sounds funny, doesn’t it?  Can such a thing even exist?  Well, I guess I would consider myself to be one, though I can’t say that this hasn’t been a recent struggle for me.  There’s a lot of areas that I’ve been working on remedying as of late due to personal convictions I’ve been having.

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