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About Me

I am an Information Technology professional with quite a varied skill set.  With regards to tech, I think of myself as a “Jack of all trades”.  I’ve dabbled in computers dating back to the Apple II(c and e) during elementary school.  Messing with LOGO and editing lines of code in BASIC on the games my siblings and I played weren’t uncommon occurrences during my childhood.  As we moved on to PCs, so did my tinkering.  Upgrading RAM and various other hardware components in order to run the latest games happened frequently.  I was no stranger to DOS, and have been using Windows since version 3.11.  My hobby with computers continued and I eventually got to the point where I was building my own systems.  I also became the go-to guy amongst my family and peers for technology matters.

I have pursued a degree in Computer Science during my college years and although I was unable to complete it, I carried the skills onward into my career.  I worked for a mortgage company for almost 5 years, taking on an administrative position as well as a more technical position as a programmer.  I utilized the MS Office Suite, their proprietary loan origination software, and Visual Basic for Applications.  In addition to helping to consolidate several of their processes and clean up outdated code, I also helped to program our department’s intranet website utilizing raw HTML and Dreamweaver.  I also helped to facilitate the company’s website migration into a Content Management System, ensuring that the transitioned pages were correctly coded and XHTML compliant.  My team and I were recipients of the company’s S.O.A.R. Award in 2004 (Service, Outreach, Achievement, Results) for outstanding achievement.  After the subprime mortgage crisis, I continued to pursue my degree for some time. However, due to financial hardships with having a family to support, I needed to get back into the work force.  I’ve changed up fields and now work as a Network Administrator at a local school in my city, supporting a wide variety of technology issues, which I felt was a perfect fit for my skills.

I’ve dabbled in HTML since the days of Geocities and Angelfire. This continues to this day on this very domain, where I experiment and expand upon my web-related skills.  I’ve also had a brief stint in what’s called “fansubbing.”

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What is “flipocrisy”?

Filipino FlagI coined the term “flipocrisy” in my early online days which was a combination of the slang word “flip” for Filipino and “hypocrisy.” I thought of this combination because although I say I’m Filipino, I often felt left out because of my American upbringing. I don’t speak nor understand Tagalog and my knowledge of the culture goes about as far as the cuisine, some fashion, Catholicism, few cultural dances and songs, and TFC (The Filipino Channel). I don’t know much about the history other than what little I remember from the report I did on it way back in middle school. What I learned then was mostly from a broad perspective (geography, population, religion, etc). I took up the domain with the original intent of having my own place to dabble in HTML, and though I began to conceptualize it to be something much larger, that never came to fruition.

USA flagI’m the youngest of six, born and raised here in the States.  My father was in the Navy, so my family constantly moved around.  I was born on the tail-end of my father’s military career as he retired soon after.  By that time, we had pretty much settled in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I got into a brief stint in the music scene during high school and college, which explains the Music section of the site.  I love music, and enjoy all sorts of styles and genres.  I enjoy singing, playing acoustic/electric guitar as well as bass guitar.

I like to dabble in Art.  My older brother and comic books played a huge factor in this, as well as my interest in Japanese anime (Read more). I’ve enjoyed drawing since elementary school and occasionally post some of my works here on the site.

I enjoy watching anime, reading manga, and learning about Japanese culture as a whole.  I suppose the term “flipocrisy” still rings true as I’ve grown somewhat of an affinity for Japanese culture as of late, even pursuing to learn the language over that of my own native tongue.

I’m a proud father of two, and although dealing with a divorce and the hardships of a broken household is tough, we manage to carry on thanks to great family, friends, and God.

So that’s basically it.  Family, friends, art, anime, music, “religion” (Christianity, to be specific), politics, computers, video games, tabletop games, movies, and others are among some of what you will find discussed here in my personal Blog.  Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy your stay.