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Cover Fever

This is how I feel sometimes. I’ve been churning out a ton of covers lately, though I think I’m using it as a means of escape, honestly. There’s so much on my plate lately that I sometimes feel like I

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“Tsumibito” / 罪人 – supercell (cover)

Straight out of the ghetto sound laboratory. How about that pop filter? Not to mention the awesome mic stand right there. As you can see, let’s just say I don’t run quite the professional production. But I do what I

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Monogatari – On Love

I’ve grown fascinated with the Monogatari universe ever since I first watched Bakemonogatari. The dialog and narrative are probably the major driving elements of the show. Despite its otaku panderings with character archetypes and particular fetishes, I have to say

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My J-Rock Playlist (part 1) – ecosystem

Gintama has introduced me to a significant number of Japanese musicians. Two of those artists currently have a pretty heavy rotation in my music listening as of late. One of those artists is a J-Rock group called ecosystem. ECOSYSTEM –

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Chords: YOUTHFUL – 99RadioService

After putting it off for so long, I finally got around to watching Chihayafuru and I have to say I’m definitely hooked. I’m particularly fond of the opening theme song for the first season, “YOUTHFUL” by 99RadioService. I mocked up

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Morbid Curiousity – “Flowers of Evil”

Modern society has this peculiar fascination with peering into other peoples lives. Tabloids, gossip sites, and reality television seem to have this power to draw in countless curious viewers and readers. Many are interested in finding out about the latest

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