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I’m Doing Just Fine / Blessed

(Okay… not really) As somewhat of a follow-up to the previous post, I didn’t exactly mention all the lies that I have thrown around during my life (so far). Now, confessing my lies wasn’t exactly the intent of my previous

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Arcilla… suave… / Frequent Liar Miles / Karma-chameleon

My sister discovered this little item inside Daiso Japan, a dollar-store type franchise located in San Francisco’s Japantown. Yes, that is “Arcilla” on the box. “Arcilla suave” is Spanish and essentially translates to soft clay, as noted on the package. I

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“Tsumibito” / 罪人 – supercell (cover)

Straight out of the ghetto sound laboratory. How about that pop filter? Not to mention the awesome mic stand right there. As you can see, let’s just say I don’t run quite the professional production. But I do what I

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All By My Selfie / Haters Gonna Hate

Long ago, when the Internet was relatively young and social media was still in its infancy, I used to frequent this website called Asian Avenue. It was essentially a community where you could create a profile page for yourself, upload

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The Sensitive “Naked” Man / “Real” Love

(Okay, maybe not exactly the “naked” as in this old SNL skit, but I suppose it’s revealing in a different sense.) I would like to think that I’m fortunate to be a product of the 80’s and 90’s. As a

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“A/S/L” – My Embarrassing Online Past / Computer Love

Sometime during my late elementary school years, I was exposed to the Internet for the first time. My brother was attending CSU Berkeley then and he would sometimes use a dial-up connection to access the University’s network. I don’t remember

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