Spread too Thin

While sitting around staring at my disconnected Intuos, I couldn’t help but notice something. With most things that I do, I’m somewhat like spreading jam on bread. It’s hard to get an even spread, and the chunks of jam often clump up in spots. I have several interests and hobbies, and I guess I could relate to the saying “jack of all trades, master of none.” For example, I think I do pretty well as a tech guy. I have a fairly broad knowledge of things hardware and software, but I can’t say that excel at any one aspect of it. I suppose I’m okay as an artist, but I got a long way to go considering my lack of artistic foundation. I suppose I have some capacity for singing and music (used to sing in choir, an r&b group, play some guitar and dabbling in bass) but I’m not all that. Definitely not recording material and not a stranger to haters on YouTube lol.

In most aspects of my life, I tend to do one of two things. In most cases, I have too many ideas in different areas about what I want to do that I end up not doing any of them. I want to draw so many things, but I haven’t picked one to go with for my next work. I’d like to do a webcomic, but I pretty much left it as ideas laid out on paper. I wanted to do several music covers, but I kept putting it off and making excuses. I supposedly maintain this blog, but I don’t even post on a weekly basis. I have a huge backlog of games, and I haven’t really put in the time to get them out of the way. I’m working on learning Japanese, but I’m not putting enough consistent time to it.

In other cases, I end up focusing greatly on one single thing, so much that my other interests get left behind.  Usually, that one thing ends up being something unproductive. Gaming has been one of these distractions. When I was working through FFXIII-2, a lot of things got put to the side until I beat it. Minecraft was the most recent culprit in this area and has been a huge time sink as of late, even stealing time away from playing D3, which is what I THOUGHT I would be playing. TV and on demand/streaming videos has been another distraction, especially when I got into marathoning series. BSG was probably the most recent one as I worked through the first 3 seasons in a relatively short time frame. Prepping for my Spring 2012 anime post was another time when this was the case.

It’s like I binge and purge on all my activities.

I’ve been kind of pondering what the proper way to approach this is. I suppose I should be taking everything in moderation or something along those lines. Just like in working out or eating, its better to have some sort of consistency rather than to take things in all at once. I’m kind of afraid I wont get things done if I do it this way though. My interests tend to sway relatively quickly and I feel like if I don’t take care of something right away, it’ll just get dropped. I feel like Doug in a forest of full squirrels.


I guess the key to moderation is to have consistency and make some routines and habits. Going this route will probably prevent me from having that “burnt out” feeling. I get to that point a lot when I get stuck in an artistic block or after 30-50 takes trying to record some vocals.

Welp, I guess that explains why I haven’t blogged in a while…

and why I haven’t finished my latest artistic work…

and why I never recorded those covers I’ve been meaning to record…

and why I still haven’t played all those games sitting on the shelf…


In the end, I guess I have to look back to an old phrase we tossed around back when I was still singing with Legaci.

“Force it”