“Death Devil” Mio

Mio Akiyama, the left-handed bassist, is the most popular character in the K-ON! series. With her moe appeal, it’s easy to see why this is so. Voiced by Youko Hikasa, Mio performs the more “serious” songs for Houkago Tea Time as well as the ending themes. This is in contrast to Yui who performs the more light-hearted songs along with the opening themes. Youko Hikasa has a great singing voice and that’s probably one of the reasons I’ve personally picked her as a favorite as well. With regards to the songs, I’ve always been partial to “My Love is a Stapler” from season 1, and I’d say “NO, Thank You!” (ED2) is my current favorite from this season.

For the concept of Mio, I picked yet another pose from the J-Pop/Rock group Scandal. I thought Tomomi’s pose in this image was fitting for Mio. I envisioned her with a facial expression similar to the one she has in the ending for season 1, “Don’t Say Lazy.” I had a hard time choosing which bass she should use. I didn’t want her to use her own, because it didn’t seem to match her outfit. I was thinking of giving her Della’s bass from Death Devil, just like I gave Azusa Christina’s guitar. In my research, it didn’t seem that B.C. Rich made a left-handed model for the bass she was using. I suppose I could’ve just said they customized one for her, but instead I went shopping for a different bass. I went with the Warwick Corvette $$ Double Buck 4-String Left-Handed Bass based on its reviews and the color. The guitar was unique with regards to its finish, and I learned some new filters as a result, using the fiber render effect for the fretboard and the body of the guitar.

HTT - "Don't Say Lazy"
HTT - Don't Say Lazy

I didn’t take as many screen shots during the process as I did with Yui. That was probably because it didn’t take as long to work on. I finished the concept fairly quickly, and had the final lines ready to go shortly after. The things that drug it out was picking a good shade of black for her leather vest and me being picky about how I wanted her eyes to look. You’ll see some color in the background of a few shots for when I was covering up any holes I might have left during coloring. Another thing that was hard to discern was with regards to her outfit. I couldn’t figure out the details regarding her belt. They only showed a blurry shot of it, and I think the other reference shot I found in the episode wasn’t even consistent with regards to how it looked. I was thinking of making it her key-chain for keionbu, but just made it some gem instead.

Mio DD Outfit
What is that?

For some reason I felt like I didn’t do enough with this one. There’s just something bugging me about it that I can’t lay my finger on. I might go back into it here and there to tweak the shading or add more detail or something. Maybe I’m just thinking too much about it.

"Death Devil" Mio

Next up, I’m leaning towards Ritsu, or as I said last time, I might side track and do something else. Depends what I’m in the mood for the next time I pick up the stylus. Welp, time to hit the hay. Ja na.