What is flipocrisy ?

I coined the term “flipocrisy” in my early online days which was a combination of the slang word “flip” for Filipino and “hypocrisy.”  I thought of this combination because although I say I’m Filipino, I often felt left out because of my American upbringing.  I don’t speak nor understand Tagalog and my knowledge of the culture goes about as far as the cuisine, barongs, Catholicism, Tinikling, TFC, LBC, etc.  I don’t know too much about the history, although I remember doing a report on it way back in middle school.  That was mostly from a broad perspective (geography, population, religion, etc).

I purchased the domain name (flipocrisy.com) not too long ago in hopes to make a personal site to share pictures and whatnot as well as hone my coding skills.  While researching for possible web hosts, I talked to Victor about the domain.  Suddenly, an idea came into my mind.

What if I were to make a site that would serve as a portal to the Filipino culture?  Not really in an educational sense, but rather from a networking perspective.  I know for a fact that there are a ton of Filipino associations, clubs, groups and organizations out there.  There are also many Filipino cultural events that take place each year.  Even so, there seems to be little means of advertising all of these other than by word of mouth, television, and maybe print to some extent, but all of these seem to be limited to only Filipino-only outlets.  With this site, I could provide people with another means of obtaining information on ways to get involved and informed and also provide people with a means of advertisement and spreading the word.  I figure I’d mainly target Filipino-American youth based off the meaning of the title, but it seems like the target audience could be broader than I had originally thought.

Seems far fetched, huh?  What do you think of this idea?  I figured I’d get some opinions from the few readers I do have.  Let me know and feel free to visit the site, though empty at the moment.

Here’s a shot of a logo I thought up last night:  Probably throw in some snazzy slogan to go along with it.

Click here to visit the site