Since everyone is on a definition spree, (and since I need a break from work, as I am doing overtime AGAIN!), I have a few to add to the Xangictionary, currently being compiled:

Xangoo – 1.  an verbal expression of appreciation and gratitude, commonly used by xangans and xanganites alike.  2.  Successful internet company in the land of Xanga.  (ie  “Do you uhh… Xangoo?”)

Xanganese – 1.  of or related to the culture of Xanga.  2.  the language that the people of Xanga speak.

Xangar – the root verb of Xanga.  C onjugations are “Xango, Xangas, Xanga, Xangamos, (Xangais), Xangan”   Also see Blogar

Xangasterone – substance that flows within male Xangans when in the act of Xangar.  Known to be addictive, causing massive procrastination and inability to manage free time.  See also Xangagen (females)

Xangal rage – syndrome caused when overcome by the primitive desires of Xangans.  Due to excess or imbalance of Xastasterone or Xangagen in the system.  Symptoms include fits of Xanging, commenting, and profuse awarding of eProps.

More to add later…