hmm.. how’d the day go?  i got off at 7pm.  no one was there when i left… no one in my department, anyway.  strange feeling.  once the last of my coworkers left, i didn’t feel like working.  the motivation disappeared.  perhaps it was because i didn’t eat since 12pm.  hmmph.

well my stomach still hurts for some reason.  been like this for 3-4 days now.  i know this is not common, cuz if it was because of something i ate, it would have gone away by now.  i wonder what’s causing it?  did i catch a lil bug or is this something more like an organ issue or an ulcer or my apendix or some crap?  hopefully it goes away soon, cuz i sure as hell ain’t covered medically at the moment.  at least wait till jan 1st for things to go wrong.  at least i’ll be covered then.

GAH!  already 11?  i better sleep soon.  kayla got the right idea.  she’s already knocked out.  wish i could get 15-16 hours like she does.  =P